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Questions about mRNA vaccines and heart inflammation?

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Arterial Inflammation and Redox Biology

Understanding the contribution of redox processes to atherosclerosis

Our mission is to understand how specific oxidative processes contribute to the formation of unstable atherosclerotic plaque, and how such high-risk plaque can be detected and its formation be prevented.

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Atherosclerosis and Vascular Remodelling

Understanding genetic and molecular pathways

Our mission is to identify and gain insights from the genetic and molecular pathways involved in cardiovascular disorders, and exploit these pathways to provide better therapeutic options to eradicate cardiovascular disease.

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Cardiometabolic Disease

Discovering novel markers for diseases such as diabetes

Our mission is to improve the detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease through the development of better diagnostic markers, predictors, and novel therapies for cardiometabolic disorders.

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Cardiovascular Medical Devices

Cutting-edge bioengineering tools

Our mission is to understand the interaction of medical devices with patients’ blood, proteins and cells, with a view to develop more sophisticated and compatible materials for medical devices.

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Cardiovascular Neuroscience

Examining how the brain controls breathing and blood pressure

Our mission is to investigate what goes wrong in the brain to result in the development of cardiovascular disease, by focusing on the neurocircuitry within autonomic centres of the brain.

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Cardiovascular-protective Signalling and Drug Discovery

Repurposing existing drugs for next-generation cardiovascular disease therapy

Our mission is to repurpose existing drugs for next-generation cardiovascular disease therapy.

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Clinical Research

Detecting heart and blood vessel problems in their early stages

Our mission is to detect the earliest signs of heart and blood vessel damage with a view to preventing serious complications later in life.

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Coronary Diseases

Using stem cells to stimulate new blood vessel growth

Our mission is to reduce death and disability associated with heart and lower limb arterial disease by reducing atherosclerotic plaque build-up.

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Haematology Research

Discovering new mechanisms of clot formation

Our mission is to discover targets for new and safe anti-thrombotics, and improve on current treatments.

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Heart Rhythm and Stroke Prevention

Reduce stroke by detecting atrial fibrillation

Our mission is to detect silent atrial fibrillation in the population and treat it, to prevent as many strokes as possible.

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Microvascular Research

Determining the impact of inflammation on microvascular arteries

Our mission is to determine the impact of inflammation on the structure and function of the arteries which have a key role in controlling blood pressure.

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Research into clot formation and factors

Our mission is to establish new and innovative approaches to the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke – positioning Australia as a leader in the discovery and development of innovative therapies for the treatment of atherothrombotic diseases.

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Vascular Complications

Understanding fundamental mechanisms in molecular and cellular biology

Our mission is to understand fundamental mechanisms in molecular and cellular biology and develop more effective treatments for the debilitating conditions associated with vascular complications.

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Vascular Immunology

Understanding the causes of high blood pressure in pregnancy

Our mission is to understand the causes and progression of preeclampsia in pregnancy and examine the links between high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in women.

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Questions about mRNA vaccines and heart...

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