John's story: A breakthrough that will save lives

John and his family know the impact that heart disease has on loved ones. They also know how important research is in saving lives. 

In 1990, John was suffering from severe heart pain, which in his own words, “just about put me on my knees”. An angiogram – a medical imaging technique used to see the inside of blood vessels – revealed that John had three major blockages. John had triple bypass surgery immediately. And in the years since, numerous hospital visits and a number of stents have kept him alive.

“It’s been a worrying time for my wife.”

Thanks to research like that done at the HRI, John has had an extra 25 years to continue to do the things he loves – enjoying time with his wife Elizabeth, their three children and five grandchildren, hanging out with his work mates and enjoying his garden. 

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“Without the research and the technology that’s available, I definitely wouldn’t be alive today.” 

Stents have given John an extra 25 years. But they've also meant numerous trips back to hospital, and daily medication.

The reality is, for people like John, the same stent that is saving his life could also be the one that ends it. That’s because the body treats stents as foreign and the risk of blood clots is ever present. Stents are tiny metal scaffolds inserted to reopen the blocked artery and supply blood back to the heart.

In a world first, we’ve invented a stent coating that fools the body into better acceptance. 

The natural coating we’ve developed in collaboration with our partners, tricks the body into treating stents like normal tissue – rather than as a foreign invader.

The results we’re seeing are fantastic. But we’re at the expensive stage of the development and we need your support.

Your donation will allow HRI to do more pre clinical studies, and keep our team members working on this important research. 

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