Scottish scientist leads way in heart disease research

Meet the team
Dr Stacy Robertson hails from a small town outside of Aberdeen, Scotland and moved to the Heart Research Institute in 2013, after being awarded the prestigious Marcus Blackmore Fellowship.

The fellowship gives scientists from the UK and Europe an opportunity to collaborate with researchers at the HRI to advance cardiovascular research.

After completing her PhD in Glasgow, the young Scottish scientist says she was "over the moon" to receive the opportunity to further her career in Australia. 

“Since I was awarded the Marcus Blackmore Fellowship I have been given the opportunity to explore areas of cardiovascular medicine that I find fascinating and believe that are important to how we detect and manage cardiovascular disease. The Heart Research Institute has fantastic facilities and equipment that allows me to carry out my research projects. 

“For me the main strength of HRI is the scientific staff, I have been fortunate to work alongside some very talented scientists and students."

"This has allowed me to share ideas, learn new skills and has ultimately made my research projects more successful. I have no doubt the work I have started at the HRI, with the support of the Marcus Blackmore Fellowship, will form a solid base for the rest of my research career."

"I am therefore very grateful to the donors and the HRI board for making this opportunity available to me.”

Stacy is very aware of the importance of public donations to fighting the world’s number one killer, cardiovascular disease – and encourages people in the UK to support this important work.

“Donating to HRI is a fantastic investment in the future cardiovascular health of all people across the world.”

“It is also an investment in young scientists, like myself who, thanks to donations, have been able to pursue research questions they feel are pertinent to identifying the pathways that lead to cardiovascular disease.”

The Marcus Blackmore Fellowship is funded by the generous donations of HRI supporters and is named in recognition of the generous contributions of Marcus Blackmore AM to the Heart Research Institute over the last 20 years.

Stacy is one of two Marcus Blackmore Fellows working at the HRI.


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