Become a Hero of the Heart!

Interested in fundraising for the Heart Research Institute? 

Cardiovascular disease is the UK's (and the world’s) number one killer, accounting for around 30 per cent of all deaths. The Heart Research institute is at the forefront of cutting edge research, to reduce the number of people dying or suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Our mission is to improve human health by understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease and we need help from heroes like you.

Taking part in a local fun run, ocean swim or cycling event and want to raise funds for the HRI (UK)?

The HRI (UK) have an account set up with Everyday Hero, a crowd-funding site that make it easy for you to spread the word among friends and family and keep track of your donations.

Here are a few easy steps to raising your first £500. 

  • Get the ball rolling and prove your commitment – donate to yourself. 
    If you’re asking your friends, family, and work mates to contribute to your campaign, donating to yourself first will prove your commitment to them, and demonstrate your dedication to heart research. £25
  • Ask your family members to donate.
    Ask five (or more) of your close family members to donate £10 each. £50
  • Ask 10 of your extended family and friends to donate £10 each. £100
  • Get Active on Social Media 
    Use Facebook and Twitter to ask your friends and followers to get behind you and ask them to spread the word to their friends and followers. You'll be surprised by the power of social media! £150
  • Ask five colleagues to donate £10 each, and your boss to match the contribution. £50
  • Ask members of your sports team, community group, church, or other club to donate £10 each. £50
  • Host your own event: BBQ, trivia night, garage sale, wine & cheese night or bake a cake at work. £75


TOTAL: £500