Leave a Legacy

Leave a legacy to the Heart Research Institute and support further groundbreaking research to prevent, detect and treat cardiovascular disease.

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a gift made to The Heart Research Institute (UK) through a Will. Surprisingly, a good many people don't have a Will, although every adult should.

Many people, particularly those who have supported organisations during their lifetime, choose to make bequests of varying forms and sizes to one or a number of organisations. While your family and friends come first, leaving a bequest is a way of ensuring that you can continue to support the causes that are special to you, even after you have gone. Through careful planning, more of your lifetime accumulated assets can go to those individuals and institutions that have been important in your life.

A legacy in your Will is a most important and lasting way of helping ensure that The Heart Research Institute (UK) continues its vital work. By leaving a legacy to The Heart Research Institute, you are assured that your contribution will have a lasting impact, supporting research into the prevention, detection and treatment of the world's number one killer - cardiovascular disease.

Your gift to The Heart Research Institute (UK) can be in the form of:

• Money 
• Shares
• Land and Property
• Making HRI a designated beneficiary of a life assurance policy
• Most other fixed type assets

How do I make a bequest?

A bequest can be included when you first make your Will or can be added to your existing Will as a codicil. Here is some information to make it easier for you.

Types of Bequests

A Percentage Bequest

This can be any percentage of your total estate up to 100%. This type of bequest enables you to share your estate among several people or organisations without specifying the property or amounts.

A Pecuniary Bequest

This is a gift of a fixed sum of money made to a person or organisation.

A Residual Bequest

With this type of bequest a person or organisation receives the balance of the estate after those specifically named in the Will have been provided for.

A Specific Bequest

This type of bequest enables a donor to leave a specific cash amount or other asset to an organisation.

Wording your Bequest

"I give to The Heart Research Institute (UK), Registered Charity No. 1116918, Company Registration Number 5935975, (the whole) or (a specific sum or piece of property) or (the residue) of my estate free of all duties for its general purposes and a receipt from the treasurer or other authorised person shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor"

Missenden Society

Once you advise us that you have left a legacy in your Will you automatically become a valued member of The Missenden Society, the Institute’s legacy fellowship. The Missenden Society comprises solely those benefactors who are remembering the Heart Research Institute in their Will. Members of the Missenden Society are recognised  in the Annual Report and on an Honour Board at The Institute, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps and ensuring your contribution is acknowledged forever more. If you do wish to remain anonymous, that request will be respected.

Contact Us 

For more information or to receive the Institute's FREE bequest booklet, Time to Reflect, please Freecall 0808 234 4009 or email legacy@hri.email