Lottery Terms & Conditions

The Heart Research Institute (UK) is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1116918) and is licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate the lottery under Part 5 of the Gambling Act 2005.  This raffle is managed on behalf of The Heart Research Institute (UK) by CFP Lottery and Raffles Limited, licensed by the Gambling Commission.

This lottery (“the Lottery”) is being promoted by and on behalf of The Heart Research Institute (UK), a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1116918).

The Charity is registered with The Gambling Commission to operate the Lottery.

These Terms and Conditions are the Lottery Rules. By entering the Lottery, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The cost of each entry is £1. Players may purchase more than one entry for each weekly draw and can enter up to 5 entries in the draw each week, payment must be in advance.

This lottery is open to residents of mainland Great Britain (this excludes Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands).

No tickets can be sold to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 16 years. If a ticket is sold unknowingly to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 16 they will be refunded, exempt from the lottery and will forfeit their prize.

Employees of the External Lottery Manager (ELM) (CFP Lottery and Raffles Limited) are ineligible to enter the Lottery.

Monies raised by this lottery will support the general work of The Heart Research Institute (UK), Registered Charity No 1116918.

Payment for Lottery tickets can be made by debit/credit card, Direct Debit or cheque.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) is not responsible for any delays in bank payments.

No liability is accepted for loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication sent by post.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) accepts no responsibility for any technical failure or event which may cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted.

Lottery number(s) will be confirmed by email or post within 21 days. No ticket will be supplied.

Full payment for each ticket must be received in cleared funds before the ticket can be entered into the draw. Only tickets for which full payment has been received are eligible to win a prize.

All Lottery entry sales are final and no refunds shall be made at any time. All participants acknowledge that their payment of £1 per entry to the Lottery does not guarantee that they will win any prize.

The weekly draw will be conducted every Monday. The draw will be conducted by a random number generator. In the event of a draw day falling on a public holiday or in cases of severe technical disruption, the draw will take place on the first available working day.

The winning numbers and prizes will be published on and will be available from the Weekly Lottery helpline (01628 201284).

The result of the lottery draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

There are no alternatives to any prize and no interest will be payable. Prize money will be paid by cheque to the winners within 14 working days of the draw.

Any prize cheques which remain uncashed 6 months after the date of issue will be considered a donation to the charity.

The winners of the Lottery prizes will be notified by post. Participants can call the Weekly Lottery helpline or access The Heart Research Institute (UK) website to find out if they have won.

By accepting a prize, the winner agrees to take part in promotional activity and the Charity reserves the right to use the name and location of the winner, and their photograph, in any publicity.

All participants are solely responsible for providing and (where necessary) updating the Charity with their accurate and up-to-date contact details and the Charity will be in no way liable for any failure or inability to contact any participant due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details that the participant has provided.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) and its External Lottery Manager may (without giving any reason or notice) decline to accept an application, cancel an existing subscription or terminate or suspend the lottery scheme. The Heart Research Institute (UK) and its External Lottery Manager’s decisions made pursuant to the rules shall, once made, be final and binding.

The rules are subject to change by The Heart Research Institute (UK) and its External Lottery Manager.
The Charity is committed to protecting the privacy of participants. Personal information that is collected from participants is used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. As well as processing your Lottery entries, the Charity may also use your information to notify you of activities and/or events organised by the Charity which may be of interest to you. In providing your information to the Charity, you consent to the Charity using your information for these purposes. If you do not wish the Charity to contact you in this way, please write to us at:


The Heart Research Institute (UK),

c/o Suite 1, Beechwood
Grove Park
White Waltham

Each participant should print and retain a copy of these Rules for their reference.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) is registered with the Gambling Commission to operate the lottery under licence number 000-005178-C-100803-001. This licence is issued under Part 5 of the Gambling Act 2005. The person responsible for this lottery is Matthew Evan.

The Laws of England and Wales shall govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these Rules the Charity and all participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Responsible Gambling

Participants are encouraged to gamble sensibly. Please read our Responsible Gambling Policy or visit the Gamble Aware website for more information on Problem Gambling.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) is a member of the Lotteries Council and/or contributes to the Responsible Gambling Trust which is committed to minimising the level of problem gambling and gambling-related harm.
If you have a problem with gambling or someone you know needs help or advice please visit the Gamble Aware website at or call Freephone 0808 8020133.


Any complaints regarding our lottery can be made by contacting our dedicated supporter team at:

The Heart Research Institute (UK),

c/o Suite 1
Grove Park
White Waltham
or by calling 01628 201284

We will respond to initial complaints and queries within 4 days of receipt of the complaint.
If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the matter will be escalated appropriately.

Every complaint will be taken seriously and fully considered by The Heart Research Institute (UK) and its ELM in order that a satisfactory resolution can be achieved.

In the event that a satisfactory outcome can still not be reached, in accordance with the agreed protocol arranged on behalf of members by the Lotteries Council the matter will be referred to The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), which acts as an impartial adjudicator on disputes that arise between gambling operators and their customers.

     i. The player will be provided with IBAS referral details.
     ii. The outcome of IBAS intervention will be reported to the Gambling Commission

The decision made by IBAS will be final and binding.

Fair and open draws policy

     • All draws are conducted at the External Lottery Manager’s premises in plain sight of individuals that        
       ensure the draw meets its obligations.

     • Draws are conducted at random using a random number generator.

     • Draw results and winners are published on the lottery website and winners information is also available on        request.

     • Game rules and terms and conditions are published online.  A copy of the rules and terms and conditions
       is also available on request.

     • The Heart Research Institute (UK) has robust procedures in place to ensure that the money donated to
       the charity is used for its charitable purposes.

Law and disorder policy

The Heart Research Institute (UK) will only conduct its lotteries with a registered External Lottery Manager. The External Lottery Manager will:

     • keep a record of all tickets that have been distributed.

     • provide information for any police checks of a Lottery Ticket seller that may be carried out ensuring they
       are able to provide address details and details of any monies sent in for tickets received.

     • operate from a secure premises, with fire safes in situ, and contractors such as Securicor.

     • process all entries and handle all monies received for a lottery. All monies paid directly to The Heart
       Research Institute (UK) lottery and raffle bank account.

The Heart Research Institute (UK) has robust procedures in place to ensure that the money donated to the charity is used for its charitable purposes, primarily to fund ground-breaking breast cancer research across the UK and Ireland.

Responsible gambling/problem gambling policy

The Heart Research Institute (UK) has put in place the following procedures to encourage people to gamble responsibly and seek help should gambling become a problem:

     • The Gamble Aware website address is included on all tickets and entry forms to lotteries as well as our
       website address that includes information on gambling.

     • Information is displayed on our website encouraging people to gamble responsibly and recognise the
       signs of problem gambling.  We also include the Gamble Aware helpline and website details for people to
       refer to should they need further help.

     • There is a limit on the number of weekly lottery entries that can be bought by an individual.

     • Players can request a self-exclusion from our database for further addressed lottery mailings.

Protection of children and the vulnerable

The following procedures are in place to prevent under-age players from participating in lotteries:

     • The External Lottery Manager will ensure that the design, appearance and play styles of lottery does not
        have particular appeal to young people.

     • On all data lists used for the promotion of lotteries all persons under the age of 16 will be excluded.

     • Within the Terms and Conditions of play which can be accessed by the player it clearly states that any
       person who falsifies their age will automatically forfeit the right to a prize, thus discouraging participation.

     • Any player who is found to be less than 16 years of age will have any monies paid in relation to the lottery
       returned to them.

     • For individuals who have paid online or over the telephone with a debit card, a search may be undertaken        with a third party for the purpose of verifying that they are aged 16 or over.

Do Not Contact

The following procedures are in place to prevent play by vulnerable people from participating in the weekly lottery:

     • Our self-exclusion and Do Not Contact policies form part of our full policies and procedures which will be
       available to all players and not just problem gamblers via the website.

     • The Heart Research Institute (UK) and the External Lottery Manager will cease any promotional activities
       if notice is received from an authorised representative of a vulnerable person and suppress their details in
       all databases.

     • Where Lottery tickets are being sold in retail, on a private site or door to door, we will encourage the
       maintenance of a Do Not Contact register for those considered incapable of making an informed decision
       about purchasing a ticket.


     • Customers can request self-exclusion from The Heart Research Institute (UK) Lotteries if they have a
       gambling problem. Their details will be held on a log within 48 hours of receiving a self-exclusion notice
       and they will be refused entry and excluded from all Lottery promotional marketing for a minimum period
       of 6 months and up to 5 years.

     • Customers can decide to enter into a self-exclusion agreement immediately or if they wish to consider the
       self-exclusion further, the customer may return at a later date to enter into self-exclusion.

     • The Heart Research Institute (UK) will not market the Lottery to anyone on their self-exclusion log for a
       period of 7 years after the end of the self-exclusion period unless the customer takes positive action to
       gamble again within this 7 year period.

     • If an individual wishes to extend their self-exclusion period, they may do so by contacting The Heart
       Research Institute (UK) direct.  

     • Where a customer makes a positive request to begin gambling again during the 7 year period following
       the end of their initial self-exclusion, the customer will be given a 24 hour cooling off period before any
       promotion of the lottery or entry into the lottery is made accessible to them.  Contact must be made via
       phone or in person

     • Individual entries are limited to a maximum of 10 per draw.

     • Supporters can ask to be excluded by contacting the helpline number 01603 216195.