Tax information

Thank you for supporting heart research.

One-off donations are receipted within a few days of being received. 

If you have provided an email address, your receipt will be sent by email, otherwise by mail. By providing us with your email address, you can help us keep our administrative costs down and leave more funds available for scientific research.

Are donations to the Heart Research Institute (UK) tax deductible?

If you pay Income Tax at 40% or 45% you can claim back the difference between the tax you’ve paid on the donation and what the charity got back (see Gift Aid below) when you fill in your Self Assessment tax return. If you don’t fill in a Self-Assessment tax return, you can contact HM Revenue and Customs to tell them about your charity donations. If you get higher Personal Allowances or a Married Couple’s Allowance, donations you make through Gift Aid may mean your tax-free allowances increase if:
• you get a higher tax-free Personal Allowance because you were born before 6 April 1948
• you claim Married Couple’s Allowance

Raffle or Lottery donors cannot claim a deduction for their gift.

Can I 'Gift Aid' my donation?

You can increase the value of your charity donations by choosing to donate through Gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer.

How does Gift Aid work?

As a taxpayer, you’ll already have paid tax on any money you donate to charity. When you donate, the charity will ask you whether you want donate through Gift Aid - if you do, they’ll be able to claim back the tax you originally paid at the basic income tax rate of 20%.

For example, if you earn £125 and £25 tax is deducted from this at the basic income tax rate of 20%, you are left with £100. If you the donate the £100 to charity through Gift Aid, HRI UK can claim an extra £25 (the tax you paid at basic rate) from the government to make your total donation £125.