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The generosity of HRI UK supporters has enabled the purchase of two cutting-edge microscopes that will help speed our cardiovascular disease research to the next breakthrough.

The two microscopes, a Zeiss LSM 880 + Rapp laser ablation system and a Zeiss LSM 800 with live cell imaging capability, will give our researchers access to high-end/high-speed confocal and live cell imaging that will enable them to make scientific discoveries by observing new processes that are only now visible owing to technological advances.

The Zeiss LSM 880 + Rapp laser ablation system provides unprecedented imaging capabilities with its speed and resolution, and has already proven key to enabling more efficient and effective work by our research groups in a number of ways.

The publication-quality images acquired with these instruments will be suited for submission to high end journals, thereby increasing the impact factors of scientists and the Institute as a whole. The availability of high-end microscopy facilities in-house will also serve as a drawcard for the future recruitment of staff and students, and increase the opportunities for external collaborations.


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