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Dr Xuyu Liu receives Selby Research Award

30th August, 2023

Dr Xuyu Liu has received a prestigious Selby Research Award for 2023 for his research which aims to develop next-generation precision medicine.

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HRI members present at CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting • HRI

10th August, 2023

HRI members presented at the 71st CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, with Manisha Patil a finalist for the Ralph Reader Prize in Basic and Translational Science.

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New Director of Science Strategy, Dr Mathew Vadas AO, joins HRI

8th August, 2023

HRI welcomes Dr Mathew Vadas AO as Director of Science Strategy. Dr Vadas is an internationally renowned immunologist and research leader.

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PhD student Alexander Lin publishes collaborative review on atherosclerosis research

1st August, 2023

The HRI Atherosclerosis and Vascular Remodelling Group has published a paper on how cardiovascular diseases are linked to clonal expansion in JACC: Basic to Translational Science.

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HRI breaking new ground in stroke research and care

31st July, 2023

Assoc Prof Simone Schoenwaelder publishes an update on the exciting advancements in stroke research at HRI that could help stroke patients.

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Revolutionising new treatment options for stroke

26th July, 2023

HRI has been awarded an almost $1 million Cardiovascular Research Capacity Program grant to revolutionise treatment options for stroke.

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Thrombosis Group awarded OHMR Award

24th July, 2023

The Thrombosis Group at HRI has been awarded an OHMR award for a PhD Scholarship. The award will support PhD student Cameron Trought in stroke research.

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Dr Jessica Maclean awarded Hillcrest Foundation grant to fight stroke

18th July, 2023

Dr Jessica Maclean has been awarded a grant from the Hillcrest Foundation for research that seeks to revolutionise stroke therapy.

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World-first clinical trials begin for promising new anti-clotting stroke drug

13th July, 2023

HRI has made a breakthrough 25 years in the making, identifying and developing a new anti-clotting drug that shows great promise in the treatment of stroke.

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