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Cardiovascular disease is the UK's – and the world’s – number one killer.

The Heart Research Institute’s mission is to prevent death and suffering from cardiovascular disease through an understanding of the biological processes that cause atherosclerosis and thrombosis, the major underlying causes of most heart attacks and strokes.

Short term

The major short-term focus of our research is to understand the development and progression of atherothrombotic conditions in which the arteries are narrowed and restricted due to a build-up of fatty deposits.

This is being achieved via scientific and clinical research work conducted by the scientific groups that make up the HRI, from basic biomedical discovery work, drug discovery and development, and devices and device improvement, to clinical trials and clinical initiatives.

Long term

There are four long-term objectives for our research:

  • To investigate mechanisms contributing to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease.
  • To develop new ways to detect symptoms of cardiovascular disease before it leads to clinical problems.
  • To develop new treatments that can reverse the development of heart disease.
  • To prevent individuals developing cardiovascular disease in the future.

We collaborate with institutes globally – with over 60 collaborations across 25 countries – and are partnered with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Sydney Local Health District and Sydney Health Partners in Australia.

Today’s research is tomorrow’s cure.


Every donation to the Heart Research Institute is an investment into the lives of millions.

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