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Heart disease has a very real impact on people. By sharing real stories from real people, we can raise awareness of heart disease and what can be done about it.

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Brad's story

At the age of 5, Brad was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He has faced a lifetime of health complications, including losing both his legs below the knee. And yet remarkably, he has remained incredibly positive through it all.

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Carly's story

Carly was 40 with a new baby at home, when she started feeling dizzy, nauseous and had vision problems. She put it down to lack of sleep, but it turned out to be something much worse.

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Jake's story

At just 22 years old, Jake suffered a stroke. Two days after leaving hospital, he had another. This is his story.

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Alistair's story

Alan and Jan never expected to lose their happy and active 13-year-old son, Alistair.

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Kerri's story

Kerri always suspected there was a link between experiencing preeclampsia with her first child and developing hypertension later in life. She speaks from the heart to share her story.

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Beverley's story

Beverley Bloomfield has always been a fighter. It was that fighting spirit that helped her survive and recover from a mini-stroke.

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Laura's story

Laura experienced both preeclampsia and gestational diabetes while pregnant with twins. Keen to help other first-time mothers, Laura shares her story.

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Renee's story

Throughout her pregnancy, Renee was assured that everything was okay, even though she knew something wasn’t quite right. From there, problems developed quickly.

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Faye's story

Faye Stephen is a young 53. She goes to the gym and Zumba classes regularly, swims every day, doesn’t drink or smoke, and has been a vegetarian for over a decade.

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Greg and Jo's story

Every day, 23 Australians die from a heart attack. Every year, roughly 55,000 suffer a life-threatening cardiovascular emergency. Like so many, Greg Bridgman never thought it would happen to him.

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Cara's story

Congenital heart disease affects up to one in every 100 babies. I was that one baby. My name is Cara. I’m 33, and I’ve had five open heart surgeries.

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Basil and Siana's story

“Your daughter needs open heart surgery.” For Basil and Susan Mourtos, these words were the start of their worst nightmare become reality.

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Jason's story

Four years ago, when Jason first felt a squeezing pain across his chest while cycling around Olympic Park in Sydney, he dismissed it as a pulled muscle. He got in his car and drove home.

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Phil's story

Phil Dobrincic is a young and active 50-something year old. A devoted husband to Jenny and dedicated father of four, Phil has enjoyed fatherhood, its challenges and rewards, for more than 20 years.

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