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Heart patch helps stem cells work magic

15th April, 2018

A young Sydney scientist has invented a body patch that breathes life into dead tissue following a stroke or heart attack, dramatically improving a patient’s chance of full recovery.

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Smart new nanoparticle makes good drugs brilliant

11th March, 2018

A super-charged nanoparticle with truck-like power and GPS-style precision is poised to change the way medication is delivered to sick Australians.

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Silk mends broken hearts

11th March, 2018

The world’s most luxurious fabric could soon be used to weave blood vessels that offer life to heart bypass patients, a breakthrough Australian study has found.

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Crystal ball molecule predicts diabetes before it strikes

15th February, 2018

Australian researchers have developed a simple test to predict diabetes more than a decade before it strikes, a breakthrough that could help ease the impending diabetes epidemic.

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Research experiences across the Tasman

11th January, 2018

Five talented student researchers from New Zealand took part in a summer scholarship at the HRI.

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Illuminate 2017: Celebrating science and curiosity

7th December, 2017

The Heart Research Institute’s annual Awards for Excellence dinner, Illuminate, was recently held to celebrate and recognise some of our most up-and-coming scientists and showcase to our supporters some of the advances we are making in our mission to fight cardiovascular disease.

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Gout drug mends broken hearts

1st December, 2017

A drug used to treat arthritis has been found to clear clogged arteries in heart attack survivors, world-first Australian research shows.

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The life and death of platelets

14th July, 2017

At the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) 2017 Congress in Berlin, Germany, Professor Shaun Jackson presented his work on ‘Proinflammatory Function of Dying Platelets’.

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HRI at the forefront of a global push for stroke screen

15th May, 2017

Older people should be routinely screened for an irregular heartbeat to prevent thousands of strokes worldwide each year, a top-level expert panel of health specialists has urged.

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