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Do you need to find out more about the Heart Research Institute? We've provided a list of our most frequently asked questions below.

Find out more about how to donate, or how HRI uses the donations we receive from regular givers. If you're a regular giver and wish to put your donations on hold, or cancel your monthly gift, read below.

Should you have any further questions, please get in touch with us through our Contact form.


How can I donate?

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible. You can donate to HRI in many ways:

  • Phone: call 1800 651 373 and speak with one of our friendly staff who will take your details and process your donation.
  • Online: donate securely via credit card on our Give page.
  • Mail: you can post your donation to
    • The Heart Research Institute
    • 7 Eliza Street
    • Newtown NSW 2042
    • (Please do not send cash in the post)
What payment methods do you accept for donations?

We accept donations by cheque and money order made out to ‘The Heart Research Institute’ and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners).

NB: The Heart Research Institute is charged 1.3% surcharge on all donations made via AMEX and 2% on donations made on Diners.

Why are donations from the general public so vital?

While we receive some funding from the state and federal governments, more than 80% of our income comes from the general public. We have a number of fundraising programs and it is thanks to loyal supporters at various levels that we are able to continue our work. Regardless of the size of the financial commitment, our donors’ assistance remains vital in helping to achieve our ultimate goal of a future without heart disease.

How does the HRI raise funds from public donations?

Our income from public donations is mainly received from individuals who make regular monthly donations to support our work. Most people hear about our work from our street fundraisers, and we also run direct mail and telephone fundraising appeals, raffles and fundraising events amongst others. Some activities are run by our small in house fundraising team, others are outsourced where they can be more cost-efficiently run by doing so. In total over 80% of our income comes from the public through these activities and provides a vital independent source of income. We are incredibly grateful for such strong financial support from our community

About HRI and our research

What percentage of HRI's income comes from government grants?

Our state-of-the art research has enabled us to win a number of very competitive research grants. As a not-for-profit organisation, we generate the majority of our funds from the general public via our fundraising campaigns. Currently we receive about 15-20% of our income from grants.

Recently, the Australian Federal Government announced that a ‘Future Fund’ is to be established to further support scientific research in Australia. While it is great news that the government is recognising the pivotal role that scientific research will play in the future health of Australia, at this time we can’t be certain if any of this money will be allocated to support the work of the HRI.

How does the work of our researchers impact the lives of everyday Australians?

Heart disease is the world’s biggest killer, responsible for around 1 in every 3 deaths, in Australia and worldwide. Treating this costs Australians around $6 billion every year.

Better detection methods – like using ultrasound to detect atherosclerosis, a technique pioneered by the HRI’s Clinical Research Group – and better treatments – such as improved stroke treatment – can have a huge impact on the lives of everyday Australians, as well as lower costs to our health system.

What is The Heart Research Institute’s ABN and address?

ABN: 41 003 209 952

Address: The Heart Research Institute

7 Eliza Street

Newtown NSW 2042

What is the difference between the Heart Foundation and the Heart Research Institute?

The Heart Research Institute is a medical research institute (MRI) whose mission is to improve global health through excellence in cutting-edge medical research. The focus of our research is to understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease.

The Heart Research Institute does not seek to educate the general public about lifestyle factors, our role is in trying to understand the scientific reasons that make cardiovascular disease Australia’s (and the world’s) number one killer. Because today’s research is tomorrow’s cure.

The Heart Foundation is the peak heart health charity dedicated to reducing the number of Australians living with, or dying from cardiovascular disease in Australia. Donations from all sectors of the community help the Heart Foundation to fund research, support health professionals in their work, improve patient care and help Australians to live healthier lifestyles.

The Heart Foundation does not conduct research itself so as to remain independent and unbiased, but is the largest non-government funding body for cardiovascular disease research in Australia.

Cardiovascular disease

Why is cardiovascular disease so prevalent in Australia?

Recent research has uncovered that only 1 in 3 Australians get sufficient daily exercise while our average daily intake of calories is considerably more than most of us need to survive. Obesity and diabetes are major precursors of cardiovascular disease and in recent years Australia has led the world in the rate in which we’ve been putting on weight. This is a rather puzzling situation for a country that is famed the world over for its healthy / sporty / outdoor centric lifestyle.

Is cancer Australia’s and the world’s biggest killer?

Cardiovascular disease, which encompasses heart attack and stroke, still kills more people every year than any other condition, including cancer. The publicity you might have heard recently compared cancer to ‘heart attack’ only. Cardiovascular disease is still Australia’s (and the world’s) number one killer.

Regular gifts

Can I give a regular gift to HRI?

Regular monthly donations to The Heart Research Institute are an investment in the future of your family and all Australians. It’s a vital source of income for us and one that means we can plan and invest in long-term research goals for the future.

You can sign up for a regular gift online by visiting our Give page, by calling us on 1800 651 373 or by signing up with an HRI fundraiser in your local area.

You will receive one tax receipt for your total monthly donations after the end of the financial year (usually in July).

How does regular giving work?

Regular giving is an easy and flexible way to support The Heart Research Institute on an ongoing basis. Each month your chosen amount is automatically debited from your credit card or bank account. You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

Why are regular ongoing donations the most effective way to support heart research?

All donations are gratefully accepted and make an important contribution to heart research.

Regular monthly donations are vital as they help us to plan for the future by allowing scientists to devote more of their time to science and less to applying for grants and raising funds.

How do I cancel my regular gift with The Heart Research Institute?

You can cancel by simply calling 1800 651 373 in advance of your next debit date and speaking with one of our friendly staff.


What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift made to The Heart Research Institute from your Estate, through a mention in your Will. Gifts in the form of bequest to The Heart Research Institute help accelerate the vital research projects we undertake and support new methods of detecting, preventing and reversing heart disease. It is your legacy for helping future generations to enjoy a longer and more fulfilling life.

Many people, particularly those who have supported organisations during their lifetime, choose to leave bequests of varying forms and sizes to one or a number of organisations. Leaving a bequest is a way of ensuring that after you have remembered your own loved ones, you can continue to support the causes that are special to you, even after you have gone. Arranging a bequest is quite straightforward. It can be included when you first make your Will or be added to your existing Will as a codicil.

For more information please call 1800 651 373.


Why do you use face-to-face and telemarketing fundraising techniques?

Put simply, it works. Our fundraisers have doubled the number of regular givers over the years. The value of a regular gift via direct debit or credit card cannot be overstated. The long-term security of these donations allows us to plan ahead with confidence.

How do I identify HRI fundraisers?

Speaking with a fundraiser is one of the most common ways that potential supporters hear about our work. They are easy to identify, with HRI-branded ID badges showing their name, identification number and HRI’s contact details, and they wear a T-shirt or jumper with the HRI logo clearly visible. They collect credit card or direct debit information only and never ask for cash.

If you have spoken with a fundraiser and have any questions at all, or would like to provide feedback to us, please contact us on 1800 651 373 or email

How do you monitor your fundraisers' behaviour?

We monitor our campaigns closely to ensure our representatives adhere to all regulations and codes of best practice. The codes of conduct states that fundraisers should not use manipulative techniques, should never say anything that could pressure or harass people, and must always end a conversation in a polite and respectful manner as soon as they are asked to.

Do you teach your fundraisers about your work?

As well as raising money for our ongoing work, our fundraisers share news of our projects with people in all parts of the country. To help make sure our fundraisers are knowledgeable ambassadors for The Heart Research Institute, we hold frequent training workshops to teach them about our mission, core objectives and projects. We take pride in the knowledge, enthusiasm and quality of our fundraisers.

Who might call you?

The Heart Research Institute contacts our supporters by telephone throughout the year for a number of fundraising appeals – usually either a donation, raffle ticket sale or merchandise sale. If you have any questions about a fundraising call that you’ve received, please call us on 1800 651 373 or email us at


When will I receive a tax receipt for my donations?

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. You will receive one tax receipt for your monthly donations at the end of the financial year. One-off donations will be receipted as soon as they are received.

If you have provided an email address, your receipt will be sent by email, otherwise it will be sent via mail. By providing us with your email address, you can help us keep our administrative costs down and leave more funds available for scientific research.

The end of financial year tax receipt for monthly donations will be emailed and posted at the beginning of July. If you have not received your tax receipt for your donations by mid-July please use our Contact form to get in touch with us.

Contact us

Who can I contact if I have a further questions?

For further information, please use our Contact form, email or call 1800 651 373.