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Anna Grocholsky is an influential leader with 20+ years’ success in negotiation, intellectual property, governance and commercialisation. Bridging the gap between research and commercialisation is her particular strength.

Effective for building an executive leadership career from an early foundation as a material scientist, broadening into intellectual property, law and business, Anna is known for turning ideas into reality that people need, value and pay for.

Resilient, tenacious (with a sense of humour), Anna provides organisations and researchers with clarity.

Anna’s ‘Impact Canvas’ (a purposefully drafted researcher version of a strategy on a page) is a globally adopted tool for researchers to articulate the value of their research, pitch well and secure increased funding, raising the profile of commercialisation.

After the success of the Impact Canvas, in conjunction with Macquarie University’s Incubator, Anna co-developed a program teaching customer discovery, intellectual property, commercialisation and entrepreneurship. If there is planned purpose, commercialisation success is more likely.

Anna is now the Director, Commercialisation at the Heart Research Institute helping researchers.