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Prof David Richmond is a Distinguished Fellow at the Heart Research Institute (HRI) and is affiliated with the Integrated Pathophysiology Group. He was an Honorary Professor of Medicine at The University of Sydney (2019–2022) and is an emeritus cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH), where he started work in 1965.

He undertook his undergraduate training at Leeds University (UK) and attained a BSc (Hon ll (1)) in 1959 and MBChB (Hon 1, William Hey gold medal) in 1961. He did research work in the department of physiology and bioengineering at the Mayo Clinic, USA from 1968–1970 and was awarded an MS in 1970. He has received FRACP, FRCP(Lond) and FACC professional qualifications.

He was the inaugural cardiologist in charge of the coronary care unit (CCU) at RPAH from 1970–1972. From 1971–1976 he worked in a research program together with (Prof) James Angus in the department of Pharmacology at The University of Sydney to better understand the detailed mechanisms of action of cardiovascular medications used in the CCU. He was a national examiner of the RACP (1987–1993) and chairperson of the Specialist Advisory Committee (cardiology) at the RACP (1999–2008).

Apart from working as a general clinical cardiologist in private practice and at RPAH, he started the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) clinical and genetics research program at RPAH from 1991. This initiative has led to a significant improvement in the treatment of HCM, which is an important cause of sudden cardiac death, particularly in individuals under 35 years of age. He started a dedicated HCM genetics laboratory in the Centenary Institute (CI) in 2003 under the directorship of Prof Chris Semsarian in order to better understand the underlying genetic causes of HCM. The HCM program has achieved national and international recognition. In 2019, together with Prof Mathew Vadas, he initiated at the CI the David Richmond Laboratory for Cardiovascular Development; Gene Regulation and Editing, headed by Prof Mathias Francois. A study has been started by Profs Francois, Semsarian and Puranik (cardiologist) to better understand the condition left ventricular noncompaction, a long standing interest of Prof Richmond.

In 1984, together with Prof Douglas Baird, he conceived the concept of the HRI and worked with Prof Phillip Harris and others to establish it as the flagship Bicentennial project of the National Heart Foundation in NSW, in 1988. Its initial goal was to perform research into lipids that were implicated in the causation of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and to partner with the cardiology department at RPAH. HRI provided an opportunity for cardiologists in training to gain basic research experience and undertake PhD programs within the campus. He was a member of the Board of Governors of HRI from 1988–2006 and was given the title of Founding Fellow.

In 1999 he was awarded an AM for service to medicine in the field of cardiology, particularly through research and education, and the development of protocols and facilities for the treatment of life-threatening cardiac conditions.