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Help fund vital research into heart disease

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Invest in a future free from cardiovascular disease.
Your donation will allow great science to flourish.
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  • Your one-off donation will help us continue our groundbreaking research to prevent, detect and treat cardiovascular disease.
  • You'll help us understand the causes of the UK's number one killer

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  • Regular giving is our most precious asset
  • It gives us certainty and continuity in an unpredictable funding environment
  • And provides an independent source of funding
  • Put simply, regular donations allow great science to flourish
Invest in a future free from cardiovascular disease.
Karlie Burgess
“Heart research saves lives and I’m living proof… Thanks to advances in heart research, these stents are keeping me alive!”
Kieran Tanner
“Having money there for heart research is absolutely of critical importance so other families don’t lose their dad at the young age I lost mine.”
Janelle Martins
“There’s no doubt that heart disease can be better prevented and better treated. But the research required for that to happen takes time. That’s why I am a committed monthly supporter of the HRI. I want to help other families so they don’t lose their mums.”

Benefits of regular donations to research

Invest in the future.

Scientific breakthroughs can take years to accomplish. Invest in a future free from cardiovascular disease.

Find a cure.

Your donation can help us understand the causes and complications of UK's number one killer.

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