Our Fundraisers

About our Face-to-Face and Telephone fundraisers.
Regular giving is our most precious asset. 

It gives us certainty and continuity in an unpredictable funding environment and provides us with an independent source of funding.

Put simply, regular donations allow great science to flourish. 

The Heart Research Institute is a world-class research institute and a hub for scientific excellence in cardiovascular research. Our scientists are focused on understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease and are at the forefront of conducting innovative research to prevent, detect and treat the world’s number one killer.

You can become a monthly supporter of the Heart Research Institute (UK) by signing up online or via a door-to-door or telephone donation program. Your donation will then be deducted from your bank account on a monthly basis and your tax receipt sent at the end of financial year. 

How you benefit

Donating automatically every month is an easy way for you to support long-term cardiovascular research and ensure your contributions are spread throughout the year. Scientific breakthroughs do not happen overnight. They take perseverence, commitment and dedication. By giving monthly, you provide the long-term security necessary to ensure scientific research can flourish. And you allow us to plan ahead with confidence. You will achieve maximum benefit for long-term research if you continue to donate for a minimum of one year.  

Face-to-Face Fundraising Campaign

Face-to-Face fundraising is a well-established initiative for the Heart Research Institute that has proven to be the most cost effective method for us to communicate with the public and recruit valuable long-term supporters. Regular donations help us build a reliable stream of funding to maintain and expand our crucial research into heart disease. We are currently carrying out a door-to-door fundraising campaign with our fundraising partners Appco Group UK. The fundraisers are easily identifiable and will be wearing HRI branded clothing and wearing ID badges. 

Telephone Campaign

The Heart Research Institute (UK) has partnered with Unity4 UK Ltd in a telephone campaign to support our regular giving appeal. You may get a call, on our behalf, from one of Unity4's fundraisers to find out if you would like to support our vital research.

About our fundraisers

Our fundraisers are knowledgeable ambassadors for The Heart Research Institute. We hold frequent training workshops to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest research and scientific discoveries and understand our mission, core objectives and projects. We take pride in the knowledge, enthusiasm and quality of our fundraisers. 

How do I identify an HRI fundraiser?

The Heart Research Institue fundraisers are easily identifiable. They will be wearing a red polo shirt or jacket with the Heart Research Institute (UK) logo displayed and will carry photo identification. Our fundraisers only ask for regular gifts via direct debit or credit cards and are not authorised to accept one-off cash gifts. Legitimate face-to-face fundraisers will be carrying up-to-date Heart Research Institute (UK) information including brochures and a Letter of Authority from the Heart Research Institute. 

Why do you use these fundraising techniques?

Put simply, it works. Our fundraisers have doubled the number of regular givers over the years. The value of a regular gift via direct debit or credit card cannot be overstated. The long-term security of these donations allows us to plan ahead with confidence. These campaigns also attract a diverse range of supporters, many of whom we have not been able to reach through traditional methods such as direct mail. For example, our street fundraising has led to a marked rise in the number of young supporters who are committed to long-term giving.

Do you monitor your fundraisers behaviour?

We monitor our campaigns closely to ensure our representatives adhere to all regulations and codes of best practice. The codes of conduct state that fundraisers should not use manipulative techniques, should never say anything that could pressure or harass people, and must always end a conversation in a polite and respectful manner as soon as they are asked to.

Contact Us

If you can't find the answer to your question on our website, or if you have any concerns about the conduct of someone representing the Heart Research Institute (UK), please email supporter@hri.email.

For any other questions about our fundraising teams please contact us on 0203 553 4055.