Professor Annemarie Hennessy AM named Distinguished Professor

Awards and Achievements
Congratulations to Professor Annemarie Hennessy AM, recently named Distinguished Professor by Western Sydney University.

This highly prestigious honour is awarded to researchers who have international influence within their field and a commitment to excellence, have made a difference to the Australian region and the world, and continue to demonstrate intellectual leadership and are highly recognised in their field.

Professor Hennessy is Leader of the Vascular Immunology Group at HRI, as well as an active physician caring for women with preeclampsia, hypertension, and vascular and kidney diseases.

The Group’s research focuses on better understanding the causes of preeclampsia, the condition’s impact on women during pregnancy, and the impact on long-term cardiovascular health. By measuring the functions of the placenta and predicting preeclampsia, the Group seeks to provide new, safe treatment that would allow the pregnancy to progress to full term, thus reducing the burden of premature delivery and also, long term, the risk to women’s heart health.

Professor Hennessy is also Dean and Foundation Chair of Medicine at Western Sydney University. 

Header image: Prof Annemarie Hennessy AM with Mr Peter Brennan AM, honorary doctor of Western Sydney University and friend to the School of Medicine.


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