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Five talented student researchers from New Zealand took part in a summer scholarship at the HRI.

This 8-week scholarship provided high-achieving and promising Kiwi students the opportunity to work on a medical research project directly related to cardiovascular disease, expand on their skills and knowledge and be mentored in a world-class research institute.

They share their experiences with us here.

Samantha Barclay

Medical research is really the way of the future. One of the main highlights of my time at the HRI would be seeing the heart in 3D on a computer.”

Blair Lowry

The best moments were about career development for me, and learning the different steps you can take in a research career.”

Emily McCarthy

Coming from an undergraduate degree to this hands-on research has been incredible – going from lectures and examinations to critical thinking and troubleshooting in the lab.”

Hannah van der Woude

I’ve learnt so much during my time here – stuff that university labs just can’t teach. It’s an invaluable experience.”

Keith Woo

Working with the leaders in cardiovascular research in Australia and having the opportunity to learn all these lab techniques is something I really enjoyed and may end up pursuing back in NZ.”


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