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Our objective

Our main objective is to broaden understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in blood vessel wall patterning, define the role of these pathways in vascular abnormalities and complications, and then link these insights to translational research to improve the prevention and treatment of human cardiovascular disease.

To this end, we employ a unique blending of lab models and cultured cells, as well as human samples, with the aim of unveiling the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent and reverse vascular disease to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Our impact

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death globally, accounting for approximately one third of all deaths. Currently available cardiovascular therapies are not universally effective and do not reverse the vascular disease completely – vascular diseases therefore place a heavy burden on the health care system.

Selected publications

Misra A, et al. Integrin beta3 regulates clonality of smooth muscle-derived atherosclerotic plaque cells. Nature Communications, (2018), May 25;9(1):2073.