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Dr Mary Kavurma’s experience and most significant contributions are in cell biology of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD). She received her PhD in 2003 from the Centre for Vascular Research at The University of New South Wales, Australia. In 2004, she was awarded a CJ Martin Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia, to undertake research at the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2007, Dr Kavurma returned to the Centre for Vascular Research, and in 2009 was awarded a UNSW Vice Chancellors Fellowship and in 2012 appointed Unit Head of the Molecular Signalling Group.

In 2013, she joined the HRI as a Heart Foundation Career Development Fellow and Head of the Vascular Complications Group. Over the years, she has had multiple NHMRC and Heart Foundation Grants/Fellowships. Dr Kavurma also has an active interest in promoting medical research to the lay community: her achievements in scientific research, communication and community engagement were acknowledged with a Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

To succeed as a scientist, it takes diligence, determination, hard work, enthusiasm, talent and a little bit of luck.”

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