New early detection methods can mean significantly improved outcomes for patients. Our researchers are at the forefront of this ground-breaking work.
Did you know?

The UK spends 3.2 billion each year on healthcare costs for heart disease.

Heart disease has an enormous financial cost. 1

In 2011, cardiovascular disease caused 60,000 deaths.

Around 74,000 of these deaths were caused by coronary heart disease, which is the UK's biggest killer. 1

Most deaths from heart disease are caused by heart attacks.

In the UK, there are about 103,000 heart attacks each year. 1

How our research is detecting heart disease

Early detection giving new hope

Our Clinical Research Group has developed a new early detection method for pulmonary vascular disease – or high blood pressure in the lungs – a severe condition affecting young adults.

4-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging

Heart failure is generally only clinically apparent once the disease process is advanced, leaving the clinician with limited treatment options. The Cardiac Imaging Group is developing 4-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging (4D-flow MRI), technology that is set to revolutionise not just cardiac imaging, but the daily practice of cardiology.


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2 British Heart Foundation Statistics, Updated August 2015